The Communications Security Establishment is responsible for safeguarding Canada’s national security by gathering foreign signals intelligence and protecting the government’s information from cyber threats. The CSE works closely with industry and academia to ensure that Canadians are protected from the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks.

Dear users,

Please be advised that you can directly report any and all cyber incidents to The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (the Cyber Centre).

You may also report the incidents to the Foundation for Online Computer Security and Crime (FOCSC), which is a registered Canada Not-for-profit Corporation organization.

Thank you.

Canadian Centre for Cyber Security


Report a cyber incident

Reporting a cyber incident  helps the Cyber Centre keep Canada and Canadians safe online. Your information will enable us to provide cybersecurity advice, guidance and services.


Reporting to the Cyber Centre will not launch an immediate law enforcement response, such as investigating cybercrime or other criminal offences.

If you believe a cyber incident is an imminent threat to life or of a criminal nature, please contact your local police services (911) or the RCMP. We encourage all victims to report cybercrime activities to law enforcement.


For information on how to protect yourself from common online threats, such as phishingidentity theft and cybercrime, visit Get Cyber Safe.